States That Allow Cameras in the Dressing Rooms

By Ashley Rachel - Updated June 05, 2017
Surveillance Camera

Over the past few years, technology has become more and more integrated into our society. People are captured on surveillance cameras numerous times each day. Whether it is by on cameras in stairwells, grocery stores, elevators, parking garages or ATMs, the public is constantly being monitored. There are times when surveillance can be useful in solving crimes. Then there are instances where surveillance can seem like a violation of privacy, such as cameras in dressing rooms.

Legal in Most States

As intrusive as cameras in dressing rooms seem, most states allow this type of surveillance. Cameras or two-way mirrors may be used. The reason is to decrease incidents of theft. It is illegal to use cameras for any reason other than to prevent stealing. Someone illegally using dressing room cameras could be accused of violating voyeurism laws.

States that Don't Allow Surveillance

There are only 13 states that do not allow cameras in places of privacy (this includes bathrooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, and dressing rooms). These states are: South Dakota, New Hampshire, Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, Utah, Kansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Georgia, California, Arkansas and Alabama.

Other Surveillance

States that do allow surveillance in dressing rooms are required to notify customers that they may be monitored. Although states may allow cameras in dressing rooms, their laws on cameras in restrooms and locker rooms vary. Many of these states expressly prohibit surveillance in restrooms. The Liberti v. Walt Disney World Co. case in Florida is one such example. In this case, a Walt Disney employee was accused of taping women in locker rooms and restrooms.

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