How to Check on Bankruptcy in Malaysia

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Bankruptcy in Malaysia is based on English law--specifically, it is based on the Bankruptcy Act of 1967. To file for bankruptcy in Malaysia, you must have at least 30,000 ringgit in debt, which is the equivalent of approximately $9,730 U.S. as of 2010. Checking on the status of a bankruptcy is a fairly simple process that takes place over the Internet and does not require knowledge of Malay, as the website is in English.

Step 1

Navigate to the Malaysian government's eServices website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click "Individual Bankruptcy Status Enquiry" if you wish to check on the bankruptcy of an individual. Click "Company Liquidation Status Enquiry" if you are interested in a company's bankruptcy.

Step 3

Register with the mySpeed Malyasia website by clicking "Individual Form." Enter your information to complete registration. Log in with your name and password. Search for the bankruptcy by name or case number.


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