How to See Restricted Phone Numbers

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Callers who wish to remain anonymous when placing phone calls dial *67 before entering the number, which prevents you from seeing the information. Determining the number can be approached different ways. Decide how badly you want to know the number and how much money you are willing to spend to determine the call’s origination. Depending on the approach, gathering this information may take days or weeks. Be patient and exercise your right to know who is calling you when receiving calls from restricted telephone numbers.

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Answer the telephone call and ask the caller to identify himself and his telephone number. He will give you his information if he wants to continue the call. If he declines, tell him you will not speak to him without that information. In some instances, they will not call back or the call may become harassing.

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Dial *69 to see if the automated operator can provide you with the last caller’s information.

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Write down the date and time you received the phone call and review your telephone statement. Some telephone companies publish restricted numbers on a phone bill. If the number in question is not on yours, contact your service provider and ask if they can tell you the number.

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Place a block on your phone that does not allow incoming telephone calls that originate from private parties. This will prompt someone who really wants to speak with you to unblock their number.

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Purchase a toll-free telephone number from your service provider. Every phone call you receive will be identified.

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Contact your local law enforcement if the calls become harassing or obscene, and file a police report. Record all information regarding the call, including the date, time, the number of calls, gender of the voice, what he said, whether he sounded intoxicated, speech impediments or accents and any background noises or sounds. If threats are issued, the police will take the proper course of action.

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Conduct a reverse telephone number search if the number is provided, but the name is withheld. You will be able to enter the telephone number to identify the caller. A landline caller will in most cases be identified. A cell phone caller’s name will not be provided unless you pay a fee.


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