How to Verify a Foreign Address

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You may need to verify if a person or business resides in a particular area. Just because you want to verify a foreign address does not mean that it has to be a difficult process. Verifying an international address requires you to obtain the information from the right source. You can verify the address online for free, or through your nearest post office.

Contact the United States Postal Service. Tell them that you need to verify an international address. The USPS offers several address-verification products, even for international addresses. Products include address-matching software, AIS Viewer and Address Element Correction. These services require a fee for you to use them.

Ask the person to show a document with his or her current address. The document could be a utility bill, rental agreement or lease. It has to be something that bears the person's name and address.

Conduct an online international address search. Examples include Numberway, AnyWho and Switch Email (see Resources). Type the complete address. Select the person's country and click "Search." Verify if the person's name matches the address.

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