How To Word Property Deeds

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Establish the document as a warranty deed, quit-claim deed, deed of trust or deed in lieu of foreclosure by using the wording as a title. Date the document, include a year and add the city and state. Establish the parties to the contract by using wording such as "grantor" and "grantee" to distinguish roles.

Word the document to include a reference to the address of the property and create a line so that the grantor can write the address. Write the assessor's tax parcel numbers for the property on all documents. Add phrasing to require parties to write their street addresses on the corresponding lines.

Include wording that refers to the grantor's role in employing the deed of trust as collateral and/or as payment for a loan or debt. Design a covenants clause in which the grantor warrants that he will maintain the property and comply with local government ordinances. Use wording such as "pay," "delinquent" and "taxes and assessments" to refer to the grantor's duty to make payments and ensure a clear title to the property.

Use wording such as "for valuable consideration" for warranty deeds to refer to the grantee's duty. Use additional phrasing such as "grant," "sell," "bargain," "deed" and "convey" to refer to the grantor's duty in conveying the property deed free and clear of third-party claims and encumbrances.

Word quit-claim deed documents to refer to a grantor who transfers his interest in a property to a buyer without a warranty. Use the word "bank" to refer to when the grantee is a financial institution. Add the addresses of each institution.

Phrase deed in lieu of foreclosure documents to refer to when the homeowner grants her interest in a property to the bank instead of going through the foreclosure process. Include references to "foreclosure" and/or "short sale" to signify this type of document.



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