How to File a Petition for Contempt in Tennessee

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There are a number of different motions you can file when it comes to court, and one of those is a petition for contempt. Contempt of court means that a person has been disrespectful of the court's rules and authority. This could be refusing to obey a judge's commands, violating the rules of the court or consistently acting in ways deemed improper. Filing a petition for contempt of court is relatively simple in the state of Tennessee, all you need are the proper forms and the reasons for contempt.

Acquire the proper contempt of court forms. These forms can be obtained from the court clerks' office, or they can be downloaded off many of the court websites. You may need different forms depending on the court: juvenile, adult, criminal or civil.

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Fill out the petition for contempt. You'll need the case number, your personal information and your attorney information, if you have retained one, in addition to the reason why you are filing for contempt. The reasons vary, and the specific court you are in will have a list of applicable reasons.

Turn the contempt petition into the court. You'll need to file a copy with the court, but you should keep copies for your records.