How to Get a Death Certificate in the State of Florida

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Anyone in Florida can order a copy of someone's death certificate which excludes the cause of death. If you need an official certificate listing cause of death, you are only eligible to request one if you are the executor or heir of the person's estate or an immediate relative. After 50 years, death certificates enter the public record and anyone can request a full certificate.

Download the application to receive a copy of the death certificate from the Florida Department of Health. You can download this application in English, Spanish or Creole.

Complete the application. Provide information about the decedent in the first section, such as his name, date of death and Social Security number. In section 2, calculate your fees for obtaining a death certificate. As of 2010, it costs $5 for the original death certificate and $4 for each additional copy. If you are not sure of the year of death, it costs $2 to research the year, and rush delivery of the certificate is an extra $10. Provide your mailing address in the bottom section of the form.

Make a copy of your photo ID.

Mail the application, payment and copy of your ID to the Bureau of Vital Statistics located in the Florida Department of Health.


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