What Is an Affirmative Statement?

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In grammar, an affirmative statement is any statement that affirms something to be true. In a more general context, an affirmative statement is any statement that agrees with or supports a given proposition or idea.


The term "affirmative" is a synonym of the term "positive." It indicates an attitude of acceptance or approval toward a previously expressed statement or idea. An affirmative response is sometimes referred to as an agreement.


In a grammatical context, an affirmative statement states a truth. For example, the statement "I am awake" is an affirmative statement. It affirms the fact that the speaker is awake. In such a statement, the verb must always follow the subject.


Affirmative statements can have two basic uses, depending on which meaning is being applied. When its grammatical meaning is being applied, an affirmative statement can be used to state any basic fact. In conversation, it allows the speaker to verbally express agreement.

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