How Much Money Can I Claim if I Donate a Motorized Wheelchair?

Items donated to charity can be tax deductable.
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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows for a tax deduction for the value of items donated to a qualified organization. The donation of a motorized wheelchair would qualify as a tax deductible item.

Qualified Organization

The IRS considers several types of foundations or organizations as qualified for tax deductible contributions. These include non-profit organizations formed for scientific, educational, charitable, literary and religious purposes. Organizations formed for the purpose of the prevention of cruelty to animals or children are also considered as qualified.

Fair Market Value

The tax deduction for a donated item is limited to its fair market value. Fair market value is the amount that the item sells for on the open market. There are no exact methods of calculation used in determining an items fair market value.

Determining Fair Market Value

It may be necessary to consult a dealer of motorized wheelchairs to estimate its fair market value. Obtaining a written appraisal may be helpful for tax purposes.

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