What Is a Factory Warranty?

A factory warranty helps consumers return items that the manufacturer damaged.
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A factory warranty is issued by the company which made the product purchased. A factory warranty states that the product may be returned or refunded by the company as long as certain guidelines are met.


A factory warranty is often applied to an expensive product, such as a motor vehicle or new piece of technology or an appliance.


A time frame is usually set for a factory warranty. For example, most motor vehicles have a set number of years where the consumer can return the item if there is a defect or breakdown.

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Most factory warranties do not accept a product returned for damage caused by the owner. An inherent defect by the manufacturer of the product within the warranty time frame is the acceptable guideline for most factory warranties.


Consumers should note that they must directly communicate with the company that created the product. The nature of a factory warranty indicates that the manufacturer, not the retailer, is at fault. A consumer needs to contact a customer service number to discuss the warranty. Most motor vehicle warranties, however, will go through a dealer.

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