What Does Area Zoned C-2 Mean?

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In most cities, there are zoning ordinances that govern how different areas of land may be used. In general, most areas are zoned as either "R" for residential use or "C" for commercial use, or "I" for industrial use. Areas zoned as C-1 through C-3 or C-4 are designated for different commercial uses.

What Does C-2 Mean?

C-2 means commercial zone, level two. This means that the area is designated for commercial or office use. There are generally limits as to what kinds of stores (including restaurants) can be located in these zones, and the types of lights and displays that can be used. For example, according to zoning regulations for the city of Phoenix, any type of non-adult-oriented store can be placed in a C-2 zone. Additionally, lights must be placed so that the light is reflected away from residential areas.

Local Variation

Zoning laws vary by city and municipality. If you are considering purchasing or using zoned property in your area, it is best to read the exact zoning ordinances that apply to land in the location you are considering.

How Do I Find Local Zoning Laws?

In many cases, zoning laws for a particular area are available online. Doing an internet search for your city name and the phrase “zoning laws” should be successful. If you have trouble finding this information online your local courthouse, municipal hall, or local planning agency should have copies available in print.



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