New York City Parking Rules and Hydrants

Avoid fire hydrant parking tickets.
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In New York City, as in many areas nationwide, you are prohibited from blocking fire hydrants – you cannot stand, stop or park within 15 feet away of the hydrant. There’s an exception, however, for passenger vehicles. They can park near a hydrant between sunrise and sunset, as long as the driver remains behind the wheel and can move the car immediately if necessary. If you violate this law, you risk getting a ticket and paying substantial fines.

Action Required Within 30 Days of Receiving Ticket

Violating the city's fire hydrant law is an expensive proposition. As of the time of publication, the fine is $115. You have 30 days from the date the ticket is issued to respond either by pleading not guilty, requesting a hearing or paying the fine. If you don't respond, a $10 penalty fee will be added to the balance and you risk accruing additional penalties as more time passes. You can pay your ticket in person at any of the five Finance Business Centers throughout the city. Cash, checks, money orders, debit cards and credit cards are accepted. You can also pay by mail by sending your payment in the pre-addressed envelope provided with the ticket, or you can pay online on the Finance Department's website.