How to Look Up Convicts

Look up a convicted felon.
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People look up convicts for different reasons, such as to gather research or to locate a distant relative. Most people look up convict information for safety reasons, and to raise community awareness about a potentially dangerous resident. Learning about a local convict's criminal history also helps protect children, since some are registered sex offenders. You can successfully find different information about a convict, but in many cases, the government does not always disclose in-depth information.

Visit the website for the Department of Corrections, for the state in which the crime was committed. States often provide a free database, listing crimes and convicted felons. Contact the Department of Corrections office directly to obtain further convict information, since most states keep personal information confidential.

Access the website, and find a convict in the free public database. Enter the convict's first and last name, and his current city.

Visit your state's website for registered sex offenders. Enter the name, city and any necessary information to complete the search. Often times, registered sex offenders have a history of convicted felony charges.

Visit the website for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Use the website to locate convicts currently in a federal prison for committing a crime on federal property. Contact the office for the Federal Bureau of Prisons directly, to obtain further information about a convict currently outside of prison.

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