How to Become Ordained in Missouri

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In Missouri, an ordained minister has the ability to preside over a marriage ceremony, providing the husband and wife with legal recognition of their marriage. Becoming an ordained minister in Missouri does not require any direct affiliation with any religion or specific church. Rather, you must simply fill out a form online and pay the appropriate fee. Multiple online churches offer this service to individuals, regardless of religious affiliation.

Visit an online ordination website, such as the Universal Life Church Monastery, the American Fellowship Church or Rose Ministries.

Click on the "Become a minister" link on the Universal Life Church Monastery page. If you are using the American Fellowship Church site, select the "Ordination and ID Cards" link and then select the type of ID card you wish to order. If you are using Rose Ministries, click on the "Click here to become ordained" link.

Fill in your personal information. Enter your legal name or else your minister ID card will not be considered valid. Depending on the site you use, you will also need to include your address, email address, birth date and sex.

Pay any fees associated with receiving your membership card. If the Universal Life Church is ordaining you, you will not have to pay a fee, though you will have to pay for a letter of good standing. The American Fellowship Church does charge a fee for membership and your ID card. Fees vary depending on the length of your membership. Rose Ministries charges fees for memberships and offers various ordination packages ranging from basic to the "Ultimate Minister's Package."



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