The Advantages of National ID Cards

Identification tools are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.
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ID cards are becoming common throughout the world. Many countries are implementing them with the claim that these ID cards will help improve national and international security. These cards have also been important in the fight against identity theft. To ensure that these cards are 100 percent accurate, many of these cards incorporate biometrics, which are physical characteristics that identify the individual, which makes these cards increasingly more difficult to forge.

Information Association

ID cards help associate a lot of information with a particular person. For example, an ID card might carry information such as health risks that the individual holds, according to the University of Miami. This card can be scanned and searched on a national database when the individual has a medical emergency and suddenly has to go to a hospital. If the patient is difficult to identify, such as when the patient is badly hurt or unconscious, the only way that the patient can probably be identified is through the card.

National Security

National ID cards are implemented for national security reasons. Government officials can prevent individuals who are not supposed to be in a certain area, such as individuals who have been deemed national security threats, from performing certain actions such as flying. ID cards also help law enforcement identify an individual who is a suspect of a crime, according to the University of Miami. The ID cards can help individuals owning the card in a law enforcement situation, since these individuals can show their ID cards to demonstrate that they are in fact who they say they are.

Identity Theft

ID cards help combat identity theft. If a country has universal standards for ID cards and is able to prevent forgery of these cards, conducting identity theft can be more difficult because the owner of the ID card can prove his identity. Many businesses require that customers show their ID card when using a debit card or a credit card. With state-issued identification cards, some states might not use the most fail-safe measures against card forgery.

Illegal Employment

National ID cards will likely be used to fight illegal employment. Those who are undocumented immigrants are not allowed to work within many countries. Authentic national ID cards will help employers identify if a job applicant is actually a citizen of the country.


Some citizens might try to vote in elections more than once. Many times, they come up with fictional characters so that a candidate can get additional votes. National ID cards prevent forged identities, according to Oxford Journals.

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