What is the Process for Purchasing a Firearm in South Dakota?

South Dakotans can purchase, trade and transport firearms and ammunition without a permit.
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Where many states require consumers to present a permit to purchase a firearm, South Dakota does not. Although you must carry a permit if you intend on having a concealed weapon, it's relatively easy to purchase a gun in South Dakota.

State Law

According to the South Dakota Constitution citizens in the state will never be denied the right to protect themselves and their property using firearms. A permit is not required when buying shotguns, handguns, rifles or long guns.


Firearms can be purchased from federal firearm dealers. A list of locations in your area can be found online. When you go to buy a gun a 48-hour hold will be placed on your purchase so a background check can be completed. If the background check clears, and the buyer is 18 years or older, the firearm will be issued.


If a minor wants to buy a firearm, he can do so in the presence of a legal guardian or firearm instructor. Anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor must wait at least a year before purchasing a firearm and a convicted felon loses his right to ever carry a gun.