How Long Does a DUI Stay on a Driving Record in Iowa?

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An operating while intoxicated (OWI) violation, sometimes referred to as a driving under the influence (DUI) violation, stays on your driving record for 12 years in Iowa, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation.


Iowa law prohibits driving while your blood alcohol content measures .08 or higher, or while under the influence of any other controlled substance. If a law enforcement officer has reasonable grounds to suspect an OWI, a driver is required by law to submit to testing.


A first-time OWI results in a 180-day license revocation, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation. A second offense revokes your license for a year, and a third offense revokes your license for six years. Offenders can usually apply for a temporary restricted license after a certain period of time. Penalties increase when others are injured or killed as a result of an OWI.


An OWI violation on your driving record will increase the cost of your car insurance in Iowa. An OWI violation may also disqualify you from some jobs, according to The Unofficial DMV Guide.


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