How to Check a USDOT Number

Commercial interstate trucks have to have a USDOT Number by law.
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If a company owns commercial vehicles that carry passengers or transport goods across interstate lines, it must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) and register for a USDOT Number. A company may also be required to register for a USDOT Number in 28 states, even if they are not participating in interstate commerce. The FMCSA keeps a database of USDOT Numbers that you can access to check a USDOT Number.

Navigate to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website:

Click on the "USDOT Number" text box.

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Type in the USDOT Number you want to check on then select the "Search" button. You'll be directed to a Carrier Search page that will supply you with the legal name, DBA name (if applicable), and city and state for the entity associated with that particular USDOT Number. Click on "View Details" to see the full business and mailing address, phone number, insurance required and other details for the company.


  • If you don't know the USDOT Number for a company, type in the company name in the "Legal Name" text box instead of entering the USDOT Number.