Argentina Immigration Requirements

Immigrate to Argentina for an exciting new start.
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Argentina's department of tourism website describes Buenos Aires as "the great cosmopolitan door to South America." If you find your career endeavors running up against a brick wall in your own country, immigration to Argentina could provide you with an exciting new pathway to success. To immigrate to Argentina, perhaps you can fulfill one of its residency program requirements.

General Requirements

You may visit Argentina for up to 90 days on a tourist visa by just showing a valid U.S. passport when you arrive. For a residence visa you must have a passport valid for at least six months longer than your arrival date. You may need a physician's report to ensure you are in good health. You may also need a criminal background check, depending on the consulate where you apply. These documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized. Check with the Argentine consulate where you make your visa application for acceptable translators and notaries.

Immigrant with Capital

To apply for this visa, you must prove that you have the equivalent of $40,000 that you plan to invest in a business activity in Argentina. The government may ask you to file a business plan, depending on the type of business you plan to open. You may buy property in Argentina without a residence visa, but buying property does not automatically qualify you for a residence visa.

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To get this visa you must prove to the Argentine consulate that you earn at least $900 a month from some source that does not require your presence outside of Argentina. It can be stock income, annuities or distributions from a business you own. But you must prove that the income will continue when you move to Argentina to live.

Entrepreneur / Businesspeople

For this visa you only need to prove you have business experience and provide commercial references to get an endorsement from an Argentine consulate in your home country. Contact your nearest Argentine consulate for specific details. A personal visit or two can help avoid surprises before you submit your final visa application.

Contracted Personnel

For this visa you must apply and be accepted for a job with a company operating in Argentina before you arrive. You cannot come to Argentina and look for work in this capacity. The company must be looking for employees outside of Argentina.


If you are retired, you need to prove that you make at least $700 a month and that you can transfer that money to Argentina. You can do this with a letter from the Social Security Administration showing your monthly pension and an ATM card with a bank that allows withdrawals at banks in Argentina.

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