DD Form 200 Instructions

The filing of a DD Form 200 is required when government property is lost or destroyed.
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If government-owned property used by Department of Defense personnel is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, an investigation will be launched and Form DD 200 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss will be filed to determine if personnel showed negligence or abuse in the situation. This form must be completed by the initiator who is the Accountable Officer or the person who has knowledge concerning the item damaged or lost. The process of initiation starts from the date of the damage or loss of property and must be completed within 15 days.

Fill in block 1 with the date the investigation process will be initiated. Write out the date as all numbers without dashes and in the order of year, month, and day. Complete block 3 with the date of when the item was lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed with the same number sequence of year, month, and day without dashes.

Enter the National Stock Number, manufacturer's number or other number in block 4. Describe the item in block 5 such as the serial number, model number or the controlled inventory item number. If the item is not standard stock, provide a brief description that gives enough information for identification. Attach more forms if indicating more items and the descriptions.

Fill in the number of items lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed in block 6. Put it in as the number including pair, dozen, and each when applicable. Include the unit cost for the individual item in block 7 and the total cost if the circumstances involve more than one item in block 8.

Write in the situation that occurred concerning the item being investigated in block 9 including checking the box on whether the item was lost, damaged or destroyed. Also mark in if it was an organization, installation, or the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations. Describe the entire incident including the involved person's name, grade and social security number, and also the date and place of the incident. The description must answer the five basic questions of who, what, when, where, and how. Include any exhibits available and attach additional pages.

Fill in block 11a with the base, unit designation, state and country, office symbol, and zip code. Enter the typed name, DSN, signature and date of when the report is signed in blocks 11b through 11e. The person who filled out boxes 1 through 9 must complete this section.


  • Blocks 1, 3 through 9 and 11 is filed by the initiator or person who has knowledge of the circumstances. Block 10 is completed by the Commanders, hand receipt holders, or the investigating officer if the situation is appropriate. This section is filled with the information on what corrective actions were taken over the situation explained in block 9 and what steps will be taken to prevent any future circumstances from happening. Block 2 is completed with the investigation number.


  • You do not have to file a DD 200 form if the individual who was involved with the lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen property pays in full the amount for restitution if the item is not sensitive or classified property. Any damage toward a government-owned vehicle not caused by a person's negligence or willful destruction will be filed on a investigation report rather than a DD 200 form, unless a claim against the government is filed. Lost shipping items and carrier discrepancies involving transportation will go through a review to determine if Department of Defense personnel showed abuse or negligence. If so, a DD 200 form can be filed.

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