Taser Gun Regulation in Nevada

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Nevada law does not consider Taser guns firearms. It is legal to own and use a Taser gun throughout Nevada.


According to Nevada law NRS 202.253, only guns that emit projectiles "through the barrel by the force of any explosion or other form of combustion" are classified as firearms.


Both law enforcement and private citizens may own and use Taser guns. However, a person cannot use an electronic stun device on another person for any purpose other than self-defense. Certain persons are prohibited from owning electronic stun devices, including: those convicted of a felony; a fugitive from justice; the mentally ill; illegal residents of the U.S.; children under the age of 18.


Although considered nonlethal weapons, stun guns occasionally cause injury and death. In 2010, the family of a Nevada doctor sued the Nevada Highway Patrol for wrongful death after he suffered cardiac arrest.


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