How to Open Private Adoption Records in Louisiana

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Louisiana allows adoptees and birth parents to make the choice regarding whether or not each party wishes to be known to the other. The State of Louisiana Department of Social Services facilitates the Louisiana Adoption Reunion Registry. The registry matches adoptees to birth parents, but only if each party has registered independently. The registry can confirm the fact of the adoption, identify the court in which the adoption was finalized and the agency, firm or lawyer that facilitated that adoption.

Register with the Adoption Reunion Registry. Call the registry at 800-259-2456, or write to the registry to request a Voluntary Registration Packet.

The Louisiana Adoption Voluntary Registry P.O. Box 3318 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821

Complete the enclosed affidavit and pay the $25 fee. An affidavit is a document allowing you to swear that you are the person named in the application.

Comply with the one-hour counseling requirement if the registry makes a match. If there is a match, it will be processed through the counselors. Again, both parties must register in order for an exchange of information to take place.


  • An original birth certificate will be made available to the adoptee only by court order.

    The state of Louisiana requires that non-identifying information regarding medical history and/or genetic information is routinely updated and accessible to adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents.


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