How do I Evict a Squatter in Nevada?

It is illegal for people to remain on land without permission from the owner.
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A person is a tenant when he has permission to be on an owner's premises and pays the owner rent in return for permission to remain on the land. If the tenant remains on the land after the owner has successfully brought eviction proceedings against him, or if his term of lease has expired, the tenant becomes a trespasser, also known as a squatter. Nevada Revised Statutes 207.200 make it illegal to remain on an owner's land if you are not allowed to be there.

Give the trespasser written notice that she is not allowed on the land and that she must leave immediately or you will call the police.

Post "No Trespassing" signs at each corner of your property and at intervals of at least 200 feet.

Contact the Nevada police and inform them that you have a squatter on your land and have warned him that he is trespassing. Tell the police that he refuses to leave peaceably; the police can then remove the squatter and charge him with trespassing.