Gun Laws at Military Installations

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Military installations are technically “gun free” zones meaning that military and civilian personnel are prohibited from possessing weapons without special authorization. This policy includes those living on military bases who are not allowed to keep personal weapons in their domiciles. Regulation 90-114 regulates firearms on military bases and was implemented by President Clinton in 1993.

Authorization Officials

Law enforcement and security personnel are authorized to carry weapons consistent with their duties by field grade officers-- or the civilian equivalent--of GS-12 or higher. Authorization for carrying a weapon for personal protection is based on case-by-case basis. The Secretary of the Army reserves the right to authorize the carrying of weapons for personal protection within the United States. The carrying of weapons on military installations outside of United States is authorized by the base commanders.

Authorized Use

Individuals authorized to carry firearms may be involved in law enforcement or base security, including the protection of military or civilian personnel, protection of classified documents or military equipment, and guarding prisoners. Generally, authority is implied when ammunition is issued with the weapon.

Firearms Restrictions

Military or civilian personnel prohibited from carrying weapons on military bases include those who are medically disqualified, have had a security clearance revoked or denied, or those who are taking medication which may impair judgment. Additionally, anyone who has consumed alcohol within the past 8 hours is denied access to firearms.

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