How to Renew a Virginia Notary

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A notary is basically a person who is legally authorized to witness the signatures and authentications of legal documents and correspondence. In the state of Virginia, there are about 120,000 notaries at one time, according to Once you become a notary in Virginia, you will have to apply for renewal every four years. In Virginia, this process is the same as when you applied to become a notary the first time.

Read “The Handbook for Virginia Notaries Public” to learn the basics of notary law in Virginia and to help prepare you for your future duties as a notary public. This handbook is available online at (see Resources).

Download and print the Virginia Notary Application (see Resources).

Complete the application, including your contact information and your Notary Registration Number, which you will have if you’re renewing.

Ask a fellow Virginia notary public to notarize your application before submitting it.

Send your completed, notarized application to the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth at P.O. Box 1795 in Richmond, VA 23218. Include a check or money order for $45 (as of 2010) made out to the Treasurer of Virginia. Your renewal will be approved within three weeks.

Go to your local courthouse to take your notary oath and receive your renewed oath certificate. This will be an additional fee of $10.



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