How Do I Locate Wills in Ohio?

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A last will and testament is a document stating how a person's assets are to be distributed at the time of death. In Ohio, the filing of a will is one of the steps for settling an estate. After the family, an attorney or other person appointed by the deceased has filed a case in probate court, it may be necessary to obtain a copy of the last will and testament.


Confirm the deceased person had a will by contacting the probate court in the Ohio county where the person lived.

Request a copy of the estate filing from the Ohio county where probate case was filed. When you submit a request, you may be required to give the deceased person's full name and date of death. Copies range from $1 to 4 per page in most counties.

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Verify the county of residence if you don't find a probate filing in the county you are searching. If the death was recent, probate may not have been filed. If this is the case, contact the family or the deceased person's attorney to verify the presence of a will.

Hire an attorney as soon as possible if you think you have a claim in the state of Ohio. An attorney will have the resources to track down estate filings quickly and review your case. If the will isn't found in time, you may lose any right to file.


  • In Ohio, a Certificate of Notice of Admission of Will to Probate must be filed within 60 days of the executor's appointment. The state of Ohio gives you three months from the date of filing to open a claim.