What Is a Levy Brief?

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Time Frame

Make sure your levy brief is scheduled.
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Once a soldier has transfer orders, a levy brief is usually scheduled within 30 days. If a date and time is not included with the orders, the soldier should contact the levy section and schedule the levy brief as soon as possible.


Each military base has its own levy brief agenda. Generally, it will cover topics such as moving possessions, flight scheduling, utilities notification (telephone, cable, gas, water), banking and motor vehicle issues. If school-age children are involved, exiting paperwork from the old school and arrangements for entering a new school will be covered.


Spouses and children over the age of 18 must attend the levy brief. Recent military and civilian medical records should be brought to the meeting. Non-medical evaluations of school-age children, such as IEP (Individual Education Plan), should also be brought.


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