About Virginia Short-Term Disability

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Short-term disability benefits provide income replacement for individuals who are temporarily unable to work. Benefits are provided for individuals who become disabled, go on maternity leave or take periodic absences due to a chronic medical condition.

Waiting Period Requirements

Benefits do not start until seven calendar days after the onset of a disability or maternity leave. The waiting period is waived if the individual suffers a catastrophic disability or suffers from a continuous life threatening condition that is not expected to improve.


Short-term benefits are payable for a maximum of 125 days. During the 125-day period, an individual receives a percentage of his income, based upon the number of months he has been employed. Benefits are payable in 60 percent, 80 percent and 100 percent increments. An employee with more than 180 month of service will qualify for 25 days of compensation paid at 100 percent, 75 days payable at 80 percent and 25 days payable at 60 percent.



Short-term disability benefits are not available to individuals who have elective procedures during their first six months of employment.



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