What Is a Non-Circumvention Agreement?

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A non-circumvention agreement, also referred to as a non-circumvent agreement, represents a legal document exchanged between two persons or two organizations who want to share some information that may be confidential for the purpose of entering into a business relationship, according USlegal.com. This agreement blocks the parties from going directly to each other's supplier or customer with the intent to "bypass" or circumvent the other party upon learning the name of each other's partners.


With this document, both parties promise to not divulge private information to others for a time period specified in the document, including names of corporate partners. Because the business deal may not take place, the content of the document must ensure that all parties will protect each other's secrets and respect each other's corporate alliances even in absence of a business transaction.


The non-circumvention agreement stipulates the names and affiliations of the persons who plan to share information, the topic of the protected conversation, the purpose of exchanging the secrets and the length of time during which no one can break the confidentiality or circumvent the other party.


Because participants have expertise and contacts in the field that will be discussed, they may know some of the information already or have pre-established relationships with the other group's corporate partners. Therefore, the non-circumvention agreement specifies what the recipients may already grasp and have so that it is not counted as privileged information. GetFreeLegalForms.com offers a model non-circumvention agreement.



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