Short Term Disability Laws in Ohio

Ohio employees who become disabled at work may be entitled to compensation.
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While Ohio doesn't have a state mandated law regarding short term disability, many employers offer some form of protection in the event that their employee becomes disabled. In some circumstances, the employee may be paid while on disability leave, but this is not always the case. All employees in Ohio should always check with their prospective employers in regards to short term disability benefits before taking a job.

The Law

Ohio employees who become disabled at work may be entitled to compensation.

Under Ohio law, employers are not required to offer short term disability pay in the event that an employee becomes disabled and cannot return to work for a period of time. However, this does not mean that employees in Ohio do not have other options. Employers may allow employees to purchase short term disability coverage, for an added charge, as part of their medical insurance program. Ohio, like other states, also has workers' compensation laws that allow employees to be paid if they sustain an injury while at work. However, the disability cannot be the result of a criminal act or any form of negligence on behalf of the injured party.


The Ohio Fair Employment Practice Act allows pregnant women to take "sufficient" leave.

Female employees in Ohio who become pregnant and, as a result, are no longer able to meet their job requirements will be entitled to take leave due to their temporary disability. Under the Ohio Fair Employment Practice Act, women who become pregnant are allowed to take a "sufficient" amount of time off from work to deal with their pregnancy. Once their leave time comes to an end, their employer is required by Ohio law to give them their job back. Pregnant women in Ohio may also take leave due to pregnancy under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Under the guidelines of the Family Medical Leave Act—which is a federal law and applies to all sates including Ohio—pregnant women may take up to 12 weeks off during a 12 month period to deal with pregnancy related issues.

Sick Days

Full-time and part-time employees in Ohio who work for a state agency are allowed to take paid sick leave in the event that they become injured or disabled. Under Ohio law, all public employees will earn 3.1 hours of paid sick leave for every 80 hours of work they complete. In the event that a state agency employee in Ohio needs more paid sick leave then they have earned, their fellow employees may donate some of their earned paid sick leave to them. Any employee who wishes to donate their paid sick leave to another employee must donate at least 8 hours.

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