How do I Homestead Property in Utah?

Protect your home during bankruptcy by filing a homestead exemption in Utah.
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In Utah, the definition of homestead is the primary residence of a family, which is a home or a mobile home and the land surrounding the home, up to one acre. Your family can apply for a homestead exemption in Utah by filing the homestead exemption application with your local county recorder. Homesteading your home in Utah protects it from liens filed against it during bankruptcy.

Go to your local county recorder's office to obtain a Utah homestead application. Your personal information, address and a description of the property are required on the application.

Estimate the cash value of your home and enter the amount on the homestead application. Also enter the names, addresses and ages of your spouse and any dependents you have.

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Sign the application, which states that the information you've provided is true, and give it to the county recorder. Your application is then reviewed by the county recorder and either approved or denied.


  • You must visit the county recorder in the county where your residence is located to fill out an application.

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