How to Access DCF Reports in Florida

By Stanley Washington - Updated April 12, 2017

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The Department of Children and Families in Florida is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable, promoting strong self-sufficient families and advancing personal and family recovery. You can find DCF information the department's website. The DCF offers programs that aid in adoption, foster care and refugee services. Reports of progress and services are compiled on a yearly basis and cover a wide range of statistics.

Access the Florida Department of Children & Families' Website

Select the "Programs" tab located on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Selecting this tab will provide a drop-down menu in which to choose a division of the website.

Click on the service you would like to view reports on from the drop-down menu. The link will bring you to the main page of that service. On the left side of the page you will find a menu in which a "Reports" link will be displayed.

Click on the "Reports" link listed on the left side of the page. In the case that the service you wish to review does not contain reports on the site, you will be able to contact the Office of the Secretary with questions.

Pick the category and year of the report you would like to view. In the case that the year you wish to review is not displayed, contact the Office of the Secretary.

Withheld Information

Certain confidential information regarding DCF programs and participants is withheld from the public. For example, according to Section 415.107 of the Florida Statutes, all records regarding vulnerable adults under protective investigations are confidential.


You can contact the DCF Office of Communication by phone at 850-488-4855 with any questions.

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