Types of Lawsuits Against Car Towing

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As more vehicle owners complain about illegal tows, states and lawyers have joined the fight. States have passed laws to limit the illegal actions of tow companies, while lawyers bring lawsuits to provide a remedy. Predatory towing practices, consumer fraud and property damage are some types of lawsuits brought against towing companies.

Consumer Fraud

One type of lawsuit filed against towing companies is consumer fraud. Consumer fraud occurs when the towing companies mislead accident participants into believing the company was called to the scene by the police or falsely claim to belong to a motor club service provider. The fraud elevates as the car driver is not informed of the high towing, storage and miscellaneous fees charged and is led to believe the service is covered under his membership card.

Predatory Towing Practices

Another type of lawsuit filed against towing companies is predatory towing practices. This practice consists of towing cars which are legally parked in front of a business or parked in the business parking lot. These tows occur without the company's consent or the company requesting the tow. Victims of this practice pay exorbitant drop fees and release fees, usually demanded in cash.

Property Damage

Towing companies are sued for damage to the cars towed. Some types of property damage consists of scratches to the car, dents or tire rims. Certain states, such as Virginia, now require the tow company to photograph the vehicle prior to towing.



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