How to Find a Company's EIN Control Number

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Just as each individual in the United States has a Social Security number, each business has what is called an employer identification number (EIN). You need this number to file an annual tax return. The number should be listed on the W-2 form your employer gives you each year. If it isn't, the simplest method of obtaining it is to contact your employer via phone or in person. If, for whatever reason, you can't contact your employer, a number of online services – some of which require payment – can locate the EIN for you.

Use EIN Finder

Point your browser to the first website listed in the Resources section.

Select the "Free trial" option shown on the bottom right section of the page. Complete the registration process, which entails entering some basic personal and business information. Click the link in the registration email.

Log in to your account. Enter the name of your company, as well as any other information you have about it. Click the green "execute search" button.

Move your pointer to the second column of your search results. This is your company's EIN.

Use KnowX

Point your browser to the second website listed in the Resources section.

Enter the company name and select its primary state of business. Click the dark blue "Search" button.

Scroll down the page. Click the peach-colored "Buy" button in the middle of the page along its right-hand border.

Enter the requested personal information, which includes a requirement to place a credit card on file. Note: Your credit card will not be charged during this step.

Review your order details. Click the orange "buy" button. Scroll down through your report to find your requested EID number.


  • The simplest way to get your employer's EIN is to call your human resources department or go to see them in person.


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