State of North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

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North Carolina has created and implemented laws governing the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. The state of North Carolina requires both the landlord and the tenant to fulfill certain responsibilities and refrain from restricted acts.

Landlord Responsibilities

North Carolina law requires the landlord to maintain the leased property.
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There are several responsibilities and laws the landlord must abide by in the state of North Carolina. First, the landlord must obey the housing code, which informs the landlord of what utilities must be provided and how the premises must be cleaned and maintained. Second, the landlord must make necessary repairs to ensure the habitability of the unit rented. Third, the landlord must ensure the utilities such as gas, water, heating and electrical are working properly. Fourth, the landlord is responsible for fixing any provided appliances such as a stove or refrigerator. Fifth, the landlord is to keep all the public hallways, stairwells and other areas available to the renters clean and safe. Finally, the landlord will provide and install smoke detectors in each unit and common area.

Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant must maintain the leased unit.
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North Carolina landlord and tenant law lists the obligations and responsibilities of tenants when renting a residential unit such as the following: keeping the leased unit safe and sanitary to the best of the tenant's ability; giving the landlord reasonable notice of any needed repairs; and refraining from damaging the leased property.


The landlord must seek the court's help to evict a tenant.
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The landlord may have the right to evict a tenant but there are certain methods North Carolina law prohibits the landlord from using, such as changing the locks of the leased unit, turning off any type of utility like water or electric, or disconnecting a heating unit.


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