Right of Entry Agreement

A right of entry agreement exists between property owners and jurisdictions.
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A right of entry agreement is a document that the owners of a property sign allowing county or city workers to enter their property.

Information on Form

Information that must be provided on a right of entry agreement includes the date, the owner's name, property address, county and name of the city or county that is being granted access. A witness must sign after the owner signs the agreement.


The county workers who will be granted access to the property will be allowed, by the agreement, to do whatever work has been specified, such as removing debris.

Limited Right

The county that has been granted access to a property can only do what work has been specified in the agreement.

Time Valid

A right of entry agreement usually lasts 30 days, unless written notice is given extending the time.


If a lien is filed against the property, the owners can not file any charges against the county.

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