How to File Small Claims Online

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Small claims are court claims that aren’t on a grand scale. The amount of money that constitutes a small claim varies from state to state, but it's often less than $10,000. In some places, small claims are less than $1,000. You can file a small claim online in several states. Remember, you’ll have to file the claim in the state where the crime took place or from where you plan to get the money.

Figure out which state to file the claim in. If you are filing a small claim against someone you know or someone who has wronged you, you’ll need to file the claim in the state where the action took place. If you are filing a small claim because of an event or issue, choose the state where it took place.

Go to the site. Here, you’ll find a listing of all of the states. Click on the state where you wish to file a small claim. The link will take you to the appropriate site for the state, such as the LA Superior Court site, or the ExLegal File Site for California.

Click on “File a claim” or “Small Claims” on the site you are directed to.

Fill out the small claim form. This includes the persons involved; the issue, item, or event that sparked the small claim; and what damages you are seeking. Then click “submit” to file the small claim. Usually, you will be contacted by a court representative to set up a time for your small claims hearing.

If you have a lawyer, make sure you’ve made him aware that you are filing a small claim. He might have advice for you, and he might want to participate in the proceedings.



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