How to Obtain an Occupational License

By Melly Parker
Many professions require licensing, no matter your state.

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Occupational licenses allow you do perform many different kinds of business in every state while meeting their licensing and tax requirements. Having an occupational license is an important step in opening or operating a business, as well as in performing work in professions that need licensing, like beauticians, plumbers, or casinos. Licenses generally have to be renewed annually or biannually and application methods, prices, and rules vary from state to state. Once you have your license, you're certified to begin work in the state that granted you the license.

Search for your state on GovSpot (see Resources). When your state opens, select "Licenses, permits, and records." The page will move down and you can select "Professional and Occupational Licenses." This will take you to the department of licensing and professional regulation or its equivalent in your state.

Read the licensing requirements for your profession. The licensing requirements for a drywall hanger, for example, would be very different from those for a nail technician.

Complete any education, training, or internship requirements needed.

Submit an application to the department of licensing and professional regulation or its equivalent in your state. You might also have to submit copies of any professional licenses or certifications you hold, evidence of education, work, or internship hours, or even a surety bond for some professions.

Pay the fee. Follow the instructions provided to pay the required fees. Most states will mail you a license once your completed application is processed.

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