How to Obtain Legal Guardianship Forms in Kentucky

By Smokey Yokems
Protecting a family member is an act of love that may start in the courthouse.

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The Kentucky Court of Justice has made it convenient to obtain the forms needed to establish legal guardianship. Acceptance of legal guardianship petitions requires court review of financial details, evaluation of disability claims and determination of the status of agreement of the petition's ward. Some of the required forms cannot be completed without court participation. Review of the on-line documents will provide a full overview of the details necessary to prepare a successful petition.

Log on to the Kentucky Court of Justice Forms Library (see the References section of this article for the link). The Commonwealth of Kentucky has created direct access to all of the forms necessary to conduct legal business in the state. Many of the forms are electronic and can be filled out on a computer. Some forms require clerk and/or judge participation before they can be filed but you can download them for reference.

Scroll down the list to the section labeled "Guardian Conservator." All of the forms required to obtain legal guardianship are available in this section.

Open the documents that pertain to your case. Each form is labeled according to its purpose in the process of obtaining legal guardianship. You will not need all of the forms in this section.

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