How to Find a Florida Federal Tax ID Number

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Locating the Federal Employer ID number of Florida businesses is a simple search process utilizing a government website.

Florida maintains detailed information about companies registered to do business in the state on the Division of Corporations website. This information includes the company's federal employer tax identification number. With the name of the company or its fictitious name, or DBA, you can search for the EIN online. Even if you have only the name of a company officer or owner, the state website has search options that will enable you to identify the company and its EIN.

Where to Look

Access the Florida Division of Corporations website (see Resources) and select "Search Records" from the toolbar at the top of the page. This page provides options for searching out information about companies registered in Florida.

Business Name Searches

If you know the company's official name, select "Name" under the search listings and type the name into the search box. If you know only the first word of the name, typing in that word will return a list of companies from which to select. If you know only the company's DBA, select "Inquire by Fictitious Name." Select the company's name or DBA from the list shown. The "Detail by Entity Name" page will appear. This page contains the company's Florida registration information, including its EIN.

Personal Name Searches

Access the Florida Division of Corporations website and select "Search Records." Choose "Officer/Registered Agent" if you have the name of a company's officer or owner, and select "Owner's Name" if you know the owner of a fictitious name or DBA. Enter the last name first in the search box. Select the appropriate company name from the list of companies shown. The company's EIN will appear on the "Fictitious Name Owner's List" page.



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