How to Change a Business Name in Indiana

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Indiana corporations and other business entities register a business name with the Indiana Secretary of State when forming a business. Business plans sometimes include changing the officially registered business name. The exact filing form used for modifying a business name in Indiana depends on the type of business entity. Indiana companies must find a particular amendment form to change a name. Businesses that use the correct amendment form may change an Indiana business name by filing an amendment with the Secretary of State.

Open the Access Indiana "Business Services Online" page on the Indiana Secretary of State's website. Enter your proposed new business name in the search box and select "Partial word search." Click "Submit" to run an Indiana business-name search for your desired name. The results will show any registered business names that are the same or similar to the one you wish to use. You must choose a new name that is not already registered by another person or company.

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Open the "Finding the Correct Forms" page on the Secretary of State's website. This page stores download links for various Indiana business forms.

Find the proper amendment form for your type of business entity. For example, domestic corporations use an "Articles of Amendment" form. Limited liability companies use a different form. Foreign entities that registered for authority to do business in Indiana also use a separate form to report a name change. Call the Corporations Division at 317-232-6576 to get name-change instructions if no form exists on this page for your business entity.

Download and print out the appropriate form. You download the form to your local computer and print out a copy. Fill out the amendment form.

Mail in the amendment form to make your name change. As of 2010, the fee is $30 to file any of these amendment forms that include your name change. Make out a check or money order to "Secretary of State." Send the form and fee to the following address:

Secretary of State Corporations Division 302 W. Washington St., Room E018 Indianapolis, IN 46204


  • Indiana businesses may also register multiple trade names (assumed names for business use) with the Secretary of State. Therefore, you can register another trade name instead of changing a trade name. Use the same search tool used for entity names to check for trade-name availability. As of 2010, the fee is $26 for nonprofits and $30 for other entities. Access the "Certificate of Assumed Business Name" form on the "Finding the Correct Forms" page to register a trade name. Follow the same payment instructions and send the form to the same address used for the amendment forms.

    Always check with any other government agencies where you registered the business. For example, check with county or city business or permit offices if you registered for a license or permit at the local level. These agencies may require you to update your records to reflect the change in your Indiana business name.