How to View Court Records

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In order to review court records easier and get results faster, you need to know which court the record is in, personal information that is in the court document, and the date when the record was filed with the court. Additional information that may be needed is a person's identification information, such as a Social Security number or a driver's license number.

Locate the court holding the document or record. Visit the court house in person and asking to see the record in the records department can be done. Provide any information needed to obtain the record. If copies of the record are requested, a small fee may be required.

Contact the court by phone and request to have a scanned image of the record sent to your personal email. Some courts do not do this, so be sure to ask the court clerk if it sends records over the Internet. If it doesn't, visiting the courthouse in person may be the only choice to see the record.

Review the record online through a third-party company that houses court records. This option will require a payment to the third party before you can review the record. Most of these third-party companies also require a membership with fee, which is usually a monthly or annual payment option. If you are willing to pay for the membership, this step can be a faster and easier way to view court records and save them to a personal computer for printing later.


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