How to Search for Class Action Lawsuits

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Class action suits are lawsuits that are comprised of a number of plaintiffs who have experienced some form of loss or injury. Such suits are usually brought by one person and other injured plaintiffs are added on as they come forward or are located. Finding a way to locate class action lawsuits may help you avoid missing out on legal settlements and other award payments.

Find out what type of class action suit you are searching for. Class action suits can be based on employment discrimination, unlawful terminations and a number of other legal factors.

Search through class action or legal websites such as

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Subscribe to law firm newsletters. Some law firms known for accepting new cases that turn into class action suits usually provide clients and those who have subscribed with a listing of new class action filings.

Apply for a free user name to access the PACER court public access portal. All federal, appellate and some state court cases can be found on this portal and certain class action suits are on this website.