Federal Labor Law Posting Requirements for Churches

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All businesses that employ at least one person -- including churches -- must display federal labor law posters to inform employees of certain rights involving wages and fair treatment. Your church may be required to display more than minimum requirement for employment posters, depending on the type of work it does and the people it employs. All federal posters must be at least 11-by-17 inches in size and posted in conspicuous places where both current and potential employees can read them.

Federal Posters Required

If unpaid volunteers or family members exclusively comprise your church staff, the institution does not need to post federal labor notices. Otherwise, your church will most likely need to display the following notices: Fair Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and Equal Employment Opportunity notice. These posters inform employees of their rights as workers, which include the minimum wage requirement, vacation and sick time and protection against discrimination. Your church may need to post additional notices if it employs disabled persons or military service members, is involved in agricultural or farm labor, uses polygraph testing or verifies employees through a federal verification system.

Non-employee Contractors

If your church hires contractors or subcontractors, it might also need to post different federal contract labor notices. You can determine the specific posters your church must display through the United States Department of Labor's Poster Advisor on the agency's website.

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