Laws of Tennessee Power of Attorney

By Mike Bell
A power of attorney helps care for your possessions after you become disabled.

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A power of attorney in Tennessee is a written document bestowing powers upon another person for him to make decisions on your behalf when you become disabled. You may turn over financial rights, health rights or both. You must sign the power of attorney document while you are still capable, and you can set it to go into effect immediately or only when you become medically disabled.

Equal Effect

Tennessee Code Section 34-6-103 makes any action taken by someone with powers of attorney have the same effect as the person (the principal) taking the action herself.

Chain of Command

If the court appoints a conservator or guardian for the principal, then anyone with powers of attorney is responsible for answering to the guardian in addition to the principal, according to Tennessee Code Section 34-6-104.

Fiduciary Relationship

Tennessee Code Section 34-6-107 lays out the requirement that someone with powers of attorney is responsible for acting in the best interests of the principal and must be accountable to the principal.


There are 22 powers granted to someone when a principal signs over his powers of attorney, according to Tennessee Code Section 34-6-109. Essentially, someone with powers of attorney can stand in legally in nearly any business transaction and may sign with the same power as the principal. The person with powers of attorney may access safe deposit boxes in the principal's names, open and close financial accounts and make advance funeral arrangements, just to name a few.

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