How to Amend the Articles of Organization for an LLC in Georgia

By Tameka McSpadden

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Georgia business owners are required to complete articles of organization in order to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC). During the process of completing all necessary documents prior to submitting the articles to the Georgia Secretary of State Office it is possible to make mistakes or find that you need to reorganize the company immediately after submission. It is possible to amend the articles of organization in order to avoid resubmitting the articles or organization.

Wait to receive certificate of organization confirming the registration of the LLC. The Georgia Secretary of State Office mails the certificate of organization approximately 12 days after receiving the completed articles of organization. Receiving the certificate of organization may take longer if the secretary of state’s office finds errors within the articles that prevent the business registration process from being completed. The certificate of organization is needed to provide the LLC with the state-issued control number which is required when requesting any article of organization changes.

Visit the Georgia Corporations Division annual registration webpage found on the Georgia Secretary of State website. The annual registration is meant to provide a LLC with a convenient way to keep the company’s information current. It can also be used to amend the LLC articles of organization at any point following registration. Any information pertaining to the LLC may be changed using the annual registration online form including the names of officers and the business address. Only a registered agent or officer of the LLC is able to amend the articles of organization.

Pay registration fee. To complete the process of amending the articles of organization the annual registration fee must be paid online using the Georgia Secretary of State Office's corporation division website. As of May 2010, the annual registration fee in Georgia is $30 and any major credit or debit card can be used to make payment.

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