How to Search an LLC Business Name

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A limited liability company, or L.L.C., is a business entity that is created and registered with the Secretary of the State's office in its location. Each L.L.C. must file a document called a "certificate of organization" in order to be recognized by the state, and in filing this document, the state maintains a record of the business name. When creating an L.L.C., the company name must be distinguishable from an existing L.L.C., and the ability to search for an existing L.L.C. business name is an important step in creating your business entity.

Navigate to the Secretary of the State's web page in the state where the business is located. In some instances the web page is called the Department of State, and others it is the web page for the Secretary of the State. Find the section of the web page that deals with business entities, or corporations. Click the link regarding that allows you to search business records or business names.

Submit the business name. Once you have arrived at the records search or business name search page, enter the business name in the search field and submit it. If there is an existing record for an L.L.C. with that particular name then information regarding its name, ownership, address, and date of organization will be provided.

Contact the state's Department of State. Another option to search an L.L.C. business name is to call the Secretary of State or Department of State's office and request that it run a business name check for you.


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