How to Fill Out a Building Permit Application

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A building permit application should be filled out and submitted to the local Department of Building and Planning once the application is completed. An application must be completed for most additions and remodels to any private or commercial building. Building permits are needed in order to protect the homeowner and future occupants residing in the home, as it provides oversight to your contractor's work. There are a few exceptions to this, and queries should be made to your local municipality to see if your project requires a permit.

Print out an application online or visit the local Department of Building and Planning office to pick up an application. Some applications may vary depending on the city, but most applications are easy to fill out and are only about one page long.

Fill out the first two sections of the application in regards to personal information and addresses. A building permit application will request the homeowner's names, the address of the building site, and a phone number where the department can reach you. There is a separate area to indicate if the building is zoned for commercial use, in which case, the contact information for the commercial building must be filled out in addition to the information provided for the applicant.

Get your contractor's business license number, and fill out the sections regarding your contractor's contact and business information. The contractor should be able to provide this information for you.

Check off the type of building or remodeling you will be doing on the application. The next several sections require information about what the new area will be used for, what type of addition it will be (e.g., garage, kitchen, deck), and the square footage of any added space.

Describe the work that will be done. Applications have several lines of space where you will need to enter a work description. Briefly state what will be done. Also write the value of the work including cost of materials and labor. Do not overestimate the cost of your job; otherwise you will pay a higher percentage for the permit than is necessary.

Include business and contact information for the architect/designer that you will be using. This will be the same type of business information as for the contractor you use.

Submit the completed application to the local Department of Building and Planning.


  • Be weary of a contractor who suggests not submitting a building permit application. There are some projects that may not require a permit; however, this could suggest a contractor who is trying to cut corners that could be detrimental to the homeowner.

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