How to Locate a Dual State Jurisdiction Attorney

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Attorneys are generally licensed in a single state, although a few attorneys are licensed in more than one state. There is not a bar association specifically for attorneys licensed in more than one jurisdiction. However, there are several national bar associations such as the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Bar Association(NBA). The ABA provides a link which allows members of the public to search for an attorney licensed in more than one jurisdiction.

Visit the ABA website. (See Reference 1.) Click on the "Public Resources" menu and scroll down and click on "Lawyer Locator."

Make sure that "Lawyers" is selected in the "Search For" screen at the top of the "Lawyer Locator" section.

Select the jurisdictions where your legal problem arises in the "U.S. State/Canadian Province" window. Hold down the control key to select more than one jurisdiction. The system works best if you select just one jurisdiction under this window.

Select the areas of law that best cover your legal problem(s) under the "Areas of Practice" window. Hold down the control key to select more than one area.

Click on the jurisdictions in which you need the attorneys to be licensed under the "Bar Admissions" window. Hold down the control key to select more than one jurisdiction and try to limit your search to no more than two jurisdictions.

Skip the "Years in Practice" and "Major Memberships" windows and click on "Go." The system will return information on attorneys who meet your search criteria.

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