How to Write Your Own Legal Will in the State of Minnesota


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Writing a legally valid will in the State of Minnesota is not difficult. A Last Will and Testament can be written by anyone over the age of 18 who is considered of sound mind. In most cases, the only thing that might cause a person to be not considered of sound mind is a legal declaration of incompetence. A will must be signed by two witnesses and must be signed by the person making the will. If that person is unable to sign, he or she can direct a third party to sign on his behalf.

Write out your will. You can hand write the will, type the will, or write it using a processor and print out the will.

Write the word “Witness” in two places and leave space for the witness signatures.

Write the word “Testator” if you are male or “Testatrix” if you are female and leave space for your signature.

Sign and date next to testator or testatrix.

Have your two witnesses sign and date on the two witness lines. The witnesses you choose should ideally be "disinterested," meaning they have nothing to gain from the will.

Have the witnesses sign the will, if possible, in the presence of a notary public and have the will notarized to prove the authenticity of the will. Although notarization is recommended, it is not required. Non-notarized wills can take longer to get through probate court.


Having an interested party as a witness will not invalidate the will in Minnesota. It could, however, cause the execution of the will to take more time.

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